Press Releases & Media Kits

Carefully-crafted, strategic press releases and media kits are tools for attracting the attention of journalists and media outlets who in turn reach your customers with compelling, credible messages about your business and its significant developments. They also gain visibility on search engines, social media platforms, blogger networks, and traditional media such as print, broadcast, and radio. Your press releases and media kits should incorporate a credible, journalistic tone and structure while reflecting the "voice" and language of your company brand, market, and industry. We help you write and distribute your release to international, national, and industry-specific or targeted audiences for maximum exposure, pickup, and response. See a recent sample of our work.

Digital Content & Blogs

A well-written, well-researched blog or evergreen post increases traffic to your website, builds positive perceptions of your brand personality, interacts with your website and social media profiles, provides your customers with valuable information, and establishes you as an authority and leading influencer in your field. When incorporated into your website, it also provides additional search engine optimization (SEO). Not only do we help you get your blog up and running, but we also help with writing, researching, and editing your blog and content posts to make sure they're substantive, supported, and professionally presented—without those pesky mistakes that undermine your credibility. Feel free to visit our blog.

White Papers, EBooks, Technical Reports & Case Studies

Writing and disseminating white papers helps to establish you as an influencer and authority in your field. They serve as vehicles for providing in-depth information and analysis on complex issues topics. They allow you to educate your audience on particular issues, methodologies, and solutions. Their effectiveness depends on design and targeting as well as content. We help you deliver a well-designed, well-written, compelling package.

Brochures, Newsletters & Annual Reports

How you represent your business in print is as important as how you represent your business online. We apply best practices and strategies while complying with state and federal regulations in your field. We help you to establish a cohesive brand as well as a unique, positive position in the minds of your customers through traditional print media.


Whether you're teaching a class, presenting a seminar, testifying in court, introducing an argument, giving a speech, or introducing an argument, we can help make your ideas and visual elements cohesive and persuasive. We help you focus and organize your thoughts—on paper, online, onscreen, and in the podium. We're good with data, depth, and complexity. We help you communicate value rather than just deliver another PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.


Résumés & Cover Letters


Well-written, strategically-crafted résumés and cover letters deliver results, regardless of whether you actually get the job. They represent not only your education and experience but also your personal brand. They're unique and relevant to what others want and need from you to accomplish their goals and objectives. We can help you craft résumés and cover letters that get noticed and yield results in all the right ways and for all the right reasons. We can even coach you with interview prep and conduct a mock interview that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and adjust accordingly.

Interview Coaching & Mock Interviews

The ability to interview well is counter-intuitive. It requires both planning and mindset. We've had extensive training and experience coaching job candidates as they prepare for tough interviews. We can help you nail your answer to the question, "Why should we hire you?"

Editorial & Ghostwriting

We edit and ghostwrite books, blogs, reports, and white paper manuscripts, providing valuable feedback on organization, tone, setting, data, research, and formatting. We also create infographics, short videos (including animation), reviews, opinion pieces, guides, how-to's, forms, polls, ebooks, and case studies—in print or online. We've even written scripts for children's television. We also routinely create and implement social media campaigns. More about those services below...



Website Build

Your website is your unique online space where customers can connect with you, check out your products and services, and decide whether they want to do business with you. It's the backbone of your digital marketing strategy.


A strategically-designed website is an essential marketing promotion tool that represents your brand personality and differentiates you from your competitors. Being active on social media is not a substitute for maintaining a website as a digital home base. We help you build a unique, interactive, search engine optimized—and best of all, affordable—website. We're writers and editors, so we can help with writing and editing your content and promotional messages. We also provide ongoing, affordable technical support or, even better, empower you to make your own updates. See samples of our work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Customers generally do not stumble across your website by accident. They find it in online searches, through personal referrals, or via organic social media links and sponsored promotions. We incorporate both internal and external SEO optimization into our website builds to get you ahead of the pack right from the start.

Why should we hire you?

We help you answer that question!



Social Media Profiles

Although being active on social media is not a substitute for maintaining a website as a strategic home base, it is an essential aspect of any marketing strategy in this ever-evolving, digital age. Like blogging, it increases search engine rankings, increases brand awareness and visibility, connects you with both new and existing customers, and increases traffic to your blog and website. It's important to only be on social media to the extent that you can consistently keep up with customer expectations concerning interactivity and response. In other words, on social media both quality and quantity are equally important. We help you set up social media profiles that are consistent with your brand personality and website, as well as help you establish a feasible social media marketing plan.

Social Media Advertising & Promotion

Social media platforms provide rich, varied opportunities to affordably promote your brand, products, and services to both broad and narrowly-targeted audiences. The more you know about your target market, the more effective your social media marketing efforts. Maintaining an active presence on social media provides you with extensive opportunities to connect with and collect information about members of your target market that help you better meet their needs. We can help you with social media marketing research as well as with social media advertising and promotion, including ad design and placement uniquely suited for individual social media platforms. The most effective social media marketing occurs in the context of a broader marketing strategy, which we help you develop and implement.



Step 1 - Market & Situation Analysis

We research your business mission, objectives, strengths, and competitive market, assessing the primary ways your products and services meet your target market’s needs. We identify your brand personality, voice, and position, taking time to get to know you, your business, and your market before making recommendations or offering any of our services.

Step 2 - Creative Implementation

Next, we help you identify the marketing channels that best serve your objectives and tap into social media communities that might be most receptive to your brand and its messages. We help you identify your unique position  and create a marketing plan that will empower you to achieve your objectives and meaningfully connect with your customers. If you need additional support, we'll help you establish a cohesive presence on social media and begin creating engaging content that allows you to interact with your customers as they reach out to you with concerns, requests, and ideas. We can also help you gather data, generate reports, and run promotions more strategically.

Website Design & Copywriting

Social Media Setup & Promotions

Digital & Traditional Ad Campaigns

Blog Posts & Digital Content
White Papers, Ebooks & Newsletters

SEO & Search

Step 3 - Measurement & Response

Finally, we help you figure out effective and efficient ways to gather feedback, measure the success of your marketing efforts, and adjust accordingly.  Most importantly, we help you identify what is and isn’t working, and why, providing strategy adjustment recommendations in response to the data.

We offer discounted rates for nonprofits.